“routing service rowing “

Together with Dutch Ocean Expeditions we offer a routing service for the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Ocean Challenge.

Based on your boats weight wetted area and waterline, we estimate the resistance.

Based on your rowing input (Watt) and windage we know the propulsion.

With this we calculate speeds depending on wind direction and waves.

A routing program will calculate the best route.

we can provide you with different routes and weather models and give guidance or just exact course to steer.

This can be done on a daily base by sms e-mal or phone.


We did the routing for the following teams:



2017 Mark Slats Peanuts    30d  7h 49 m     First in solo                       World record solo


2018 Dutch Atlantic four     34d 12h  9 m     First in fours&overall


2018 Nauti Boys                   36d 19h  9 m     First in Fives                     World record fives


2021 Maria                             32d 2h 13 m      First overall                     World record pairs



name routing service rowing
L x B: m x m
draft 0.00m