Drawings for information only


It is possible to order drawings of existing Koopmans' designs for e.g. refit, new sails or if you want information about a Koopmans' which is for sale. 

These drawings are for information only; a building right is not included. 



Retrieval of drawings
€ 20.20
per request
Scan (PDF)
€   4.65
per drawing
Send by e-mail
€   4.75
per request
Black and white print on paper
€  10.05
per meter. Minimum 1 meter. Postage outside the Netherlands not included.

It is not allowed to copy the drawings for third parties (art. 7.4, rules from Netherlands Society of Yacht Designers and Naval Architects, N.B.J.A.).



Short advice

It is posible to get advice by telephone.

The charge is 20.00 eur per quarter of an hour +7.50