Building Kits

For any yacht built in metal, I can provide complete e files for all parts to be computer cut. This is not included in the standard design fee. In general I make these e files for the yard, since most yards have different ways of building.

List of existing building kits:

Design No.



413 10.5 Motor yacht       complete except for small parts
478 10.5 Motor yacht                         complete multi-chine
489 11.4 Fin keel yacht complete swing keel
435 11.3. Fin keel yacht                            
256 11.90 Centreboard              shell
443 11.90 Centreboard                  complete except for coachroof and cockpit
402 11.90 Motor yacht      complete
438 12.00 Centreboard                     
205 12.00 Long keeled yacht                            shell
484 12.00 Long keeled yacht                             complete
269 12.00 V-shaped hull                             
floors, shell, deck, coachroof and cockpit
477 12.67 Centreboard                   complete
286 13.00 Centreboard complete except for small parts
458 13.00 Fin keel yacht                          complete
416 13.00 Fin keel yacht                            
shell, deck and coachroof side
417 13.70 Centreboard                   shell
457 13.80 Centreboard                   complete
470 14.00 Centreboard                      complete
422 14.00. V-shaped motor sailer     
419 14.00  V-shaped hull                              
405 14.00 Centerboard motor sailer                            
floors, shell, deck, coachroof and cockpit
394 14.60 Centreboard shell and deck
431 14.80 V-shaped hull
351 14.85 Centreboard                   shell
445 15.00 V-shaped hull                           
430 15.00 Fin keel yacht                           
447 16.20 Fin keel yacht                         complete except for coachroof and cockpit
468 16.25 Centreboard                   complete
414 16.50  Centreboard                     complete



I can provide e files for building frames and plate expansions for deck, coachroof and cockpit and 1:1 floors for frames on transparent polyester foil.

The e files are computer files which can be used by a cutting company to cut the core material. This technique is in principle the same as used for metal parts.

When the parts are not computer cut, the floors can be used by yard or an amateur-builder to make frames etc.

Besides computer files we can also provide 1:1 prints  of any part on a transparent polyester foil.