published 4 April 2018

April 2018

1e proposal 20 m motorjacht


A first sketch for a 20 m motor yacht. Purpose is to live aboard for longer periods




No 506 ocean going rowing boat

For Mark Slats, winner of the solo atlantic challenge 2017-2018 i am working on a 4 persons rowing boart for the 2019-2020 challenge.




The new boat will be build as a production boat. She will be unsinkable and self righting. Calculations shows an optimum waterline of around 9 m. The rowing deck is 4.5 m long suitable for 3 rowing positions. General the boat will be rowed by two persons while the other two are resting. To save weight the bow has a strange shape. The outriggers give extra stability at 90 degree and prevent water coming in. We had lots of discussions with experienced rowers for the optimum measurements of rowing positions. The aim of the boat is a reasonable priced boat with podium place potential. There will be a possibility to upgrade to a lighter version. although the aim for the standard hull&deck is to stay under 200 kg.