published 26 August 2019

September 2019

Back from holiday.


We had a great time on the west coast of Scotland with sun rain wales and dolphins


Two dolfins in the North Minch


Design 503


No 503 was turned upright when we came back. People who want to see it can contact Koopmans Kasko's or me





Design 512


The moulds for the No 512 two person rowing boat are nearly ready at Paul Dykstra composites

Port side of hull above

Starbord side of hull under

Builder Paul and rower Mark aside of the rowing deck mould (under)

The two halfs


24 Hr race


I sailed the 24 hr race in the doublehanded class with Mark Slats on Maverick. With over 400 entrants this is the biggest race in Holland. It was a tactical race. We folowed our plan and came in just 4 seconds  before the finish line closed!

We had a great time with good result. First place!