published 15 May 2018

May 2018

No 502 Inclining test

No 502 has a rig so we did the inclining test. I do this by hanging a weight (usually the owner) at the end of the spinacker pole. I also measure the heel and then I know the righting moment (kilogram meter) for that angle. I also measure the freeboards to know the weight of the boat. With all this information I can calculate the centre of gravity. I hope that I can still have these records fro with the new privacy regulations! The test gave a good result. The boat was a little too heavy but the centre of gravity was 3 cm lower than calculated. The owner will sail her to Spain soon, where she will get an interior.


Sails Mark Slats Golden Globe

For Mark Slats, one of the Golden Globe entrants, I made a new sailplan. All sails are ready. In order to know which sail must be set, I made a polair diagram per sail set. I printed these on transparant film so by putting them on top of each other you can see the difference.

In a polair diagram the wind comes from the top. You can have the polair on a seamap with the wind in the right direction. You can see where you are after one hour sailing depending on the course. A good help when planning the right route when you are not allowed to have an app on board!



Southwold and Lowestoft with JAGER

We sailed in a 5 days trip to Southwold and Lowestoft. Good weather, but during the night on the way back we had a windshift from East to West within 2 minutes and in 20 knots of wind! This gave a nice swell so we sailed without foresails for an hour. There is a few minutes video (see below).