published 29 April 2015

May 2015

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June 6 the AZAB starts. This is a duo ore solo race from Falmouth to the Azore. The plan was to sail with VANDAL. I flew to Shetlands on 30 April en we sailed her to Falmouth. During the beautifull trip, too many things where not working. In Falmouth we decide there was not enough time to get her ready. Back in Lelystad I decide to sail with JAGER. The AZAB is a good race to test things and see what works on the ocean with a small crew. It also gives good competiution. 

You can follow the trip with vandal here This video might not work in Germany



In a fleet of 80 boats Jager sailed the 50 mijls, Saturday 26th of April. We won the IRC and would have beaten

the No 1 in ORC 2and3 if they had sailed IRC.



For an American client I made the design for a 45 ft 

I started with a negative bow and round stern because the owner liked this idea. After the first try we decided to make it more conventional. I missed some foretriangle so we would have needed a bowsprite for this, also for the anchor. The rounded stern might look good, but gives her extra unused lenght and higher building costs. Now she is not as typical, but still with character and more no nonsence.



Under the more traditional bow with more foretriangle.



The two stern options. For a simple to build boat the rounded one is too complicated.


The office will be closed the first week of May. I will sail with VQ32 VANDAL from Lerwick to Falmouth. A good qualifier for the Azores and Back race. This race starts June 6, 2015.