published 14 December 2015

December 2015

Design 487 and 482

Next year there will be another 487 built at Kon Spaw Gdansk. It will be a copy of the previous one. It is the same hull as Nehaj.  Susanne Huber-Curphey sailed her solo from Sneek to Iceland and the Azores. Her latest position is 43 south, 35 east.


Design 487


Design 497

Last month, most of the time I worked on design 497. From sketch design it is now nearly a complete design. I added 40 cm to her lenght to get a nicely fitted interior. She has sturdy classic lines. The cockpit has an open transom and double wheel steering. There will be electric propulsion with a diesel generator but also charging with the autoprop when sailing.


Sentijn 37 keel

Last summer, a Sentijn37 suffered misfortune when she hit a solid rock. The keel flange (cast iron) was damaged badly fore and aft. The hull was undamaged. Since the old keel moulds no longer exist, I made cutting files for a steel keel filled with lead and a hollow top. Same as my own Jager, with less weight and still more stability.