published 10 December 2021

December 2021


Jager 41 pre design


Based on No 489 this bigger version has a relative shallow draft and can take the ground alongside a quay.

This version will have electric propulsion with a 30 mile range at 5.5 knot in calm conditions.


Design 134 Polka Mazurka ISAF check.

For longer offshore races under ISAF it is now needed to proof that the construction of the boat and especially the keel and the rudder are safe. Although more needed for lightweight glassfiber boats with keel bolts it is also needed for more heavy build metal yachts. Design 134 has its safety factors far above minimum.


Design 489 Jager 37 is rigged!


The Jager 37 is rigged. She still floats just a few mm above the calculated waterline. This will promise good sailing characteristics.


Design 516 at Jachtbouw Pronk.


The hull is painted and polished. Now its time to do the finishing work. First plumbing and the electric cables will be mounted then the carpenters will start their job.


Routing for the Talisker rowing challenge 2021


This year we will again do the routing for some teams. This will be for a Fins duo in Two rowing Fins, the Dutch trio in Row for Impact, and two aluminium DOR  boats of my design, duo Prowject x and Four Helvetic waves. Most importantly is to calculate the speed at different winds. I use  velocity prediction program for this together with the logbooks. With this we can use a routing program to calculate the options.

The start of the race is on Sunday December 12th.

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First sketches for JAGER 495


Inspired by the lines of Jager this yacht with lifting keel will have a modest deckhouse. Although she looks beamy she is moderate on the waterlines. The keel bulb is designed to generate enough lift in upper position to keep reasonable sailing performance. The interior is spacious but will also work under heel at sea.


2* 75 miles


I sailed the 75 miles twice within a month.

The idea behind this challenge is very good. There is a course around existing marks. You can sail clockwise or counterclockwise and as many times as you like. There are results on handicap and fastest time. Jager is 2th on handicap and 1st in fastest time. The first trip was with back pain so without spinaker. The second time I was in good shape but the weather was not so good.


Video November

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