published 14 January 2021

January 2021


Talisker Atlantic Challenge World Record

Mark Slats and Kai Wiedmer are the winners of the Talisker Atlantic rowing race 2020-2021.

They rowed with a Koopmans designed DOR12

First boat all classes

World record pairs


Together with John Schouten I also did the routing during the race.


More info about the design click here



Design 508

The 4 person rowing boat is now at the Dutch Ocean Expedition shed in Wassenaar.

Here she will be finished.



Another Sentijn 37IQ is under construction. Fast cruising with beautiful lines and comfortable interior.

For more info see Sentijn





Design 486  18 m motor yacht


Hull deck and bulkheads are made with foam cored glass/epoxy. On the frames we used carbon.

Deck and cabin are in good progress.




486 interior bulkheads and floors



Design 516


At Koopmans Kasko's the frames are placed and the shell is halfway.





Better sheeting position on JAGER


Although Jager was fast last year, to stay ahead I tried this new sheeting position. It works well. Speed increases and heel decreases.


See also short video




Foxx 30 Design 474


From the new owners of the Foxx 30 I received some pictures.

She is now based in Ireland.